Various academic services are provided at ACE Academy. We believe each student has the potential to succeed. With proper guidance and support
we can all reach our potential. Here at ACE, we are more than just a "center". We provide you with our best academic support, help you excel in
your languages, and prepare you for your dream university. Please find our services as follow:
Ajarn Evan
Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Certificate IV

Masters in Development Studies (English)
University of New South Wales, Australia
Bachelors of Art,
Univeresity of New South Wales, Australia
Ajarn Rani
Masters of Healthcare Economics and Management,
Chulalongkorn University

Bachelors of Biomedical Science,
Mahidol University
School of Medicine (pre-clinical courses),
International University of
the Health Sciences
Ajarn Charles
Masters in Finance and Banking,
Ramkhamhaeng University, Thailand

Business English Certificate, University of Cambridge, UK BBA in International Business, Trade, and Tax Law, ESSEC Business School, France Dipl. in International Business,
Trade, and Tax Law, Shanghai
Institute, China
Ajarn Jirat
Master of Education in International Teaching,
Framingham, USA

BA in Psychology and Education,
Asia-Pacific International University
Ajarn David
Masters in Counselor Education

University of Florida (Atlantic),
USA Bachelors in English Education,
University of Florida (Atlantic), USA
Ajarn Matthew
Teaching English as a Foreign Language, UK
Masters in Sports, Exercises, and Psychology Staffordshite University, UK

Bachelors in Psychology,
University of Birmingham, UK
Applied Counselling
Skills and Theory, UK
Ajarn Neville
Ph.D. Literacy & Technology,
Washington State University, USA

Masters in English,
Washington State University, USA
Bachelors of Science in Social Behavioral Science, minor History, University
of Mary-Bismarck
Ajarn Richie
Ph.D Candidate Public Health Sciences,
Chulalongkorn University

Masters in Public Health Services,
Chulalongkorn University
BSc. In Biology, minor Educational Psychology, Mission College
Ajarn Ros
Ph.D in Natural Sciences
Universitat Berlin, Germany

Masters of Engineering Osaka University
Bachelors of Science Mahidol University
Ajarn Sumet
Masters of Business Administration,
University of Applied Sciences Esslingen,

Masters of Engineering,
Chulalongkorn University
Bachelors of Engineering
Chulalongkorn University
Ajarn Leon
Bachelors of Education in Chinese,
Beijing Language and Culture University

Bachelors of Teaching Chinese as Second Language to Foreigner,
Beijing Language and Culture University
Ajarn Sabina
Masters of Education, Thammasat University

Teaching English as a Foreign Language,
Thammasat University
Bachelors of Business Administration,
Mahidol University