"A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education,
he may steal the whole railroad."
- Theodore Roosevelt
"I have been taking tuition classes at ACE Academy for a year for IGCSE preparation in the areas of Maths, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. During this time, I developed range of skills to allow myself to be more confident in all aspects of my learning. The sessions I attended not only support my development, but also provided me with a friendly, caring, and enjoyable environment. Most importantly, I benefited from these effective classes not only academically but the basic notions that will help me achieve more and stay with me forever. As my tutors always said, “Education is the most important weapon you can use to change the world!” All of my tutors have guided and helped me in every possible ways, and I am very grateful. I feel supported in every ways. They are not only teachers, they are all kind-hearted people that I am grateful to. I have been learning science with Ajarn Rani, an amazing tutor. We work very hard together but I don’t mind it because it’s all worth it. She is a very nice woman and also the best tutor ever! She has helped through my end of year exams. I really think that I would not have made it with out. Other tutors that helped me a lot are Ajarn Sabina and Ajarn Richie. I understand very quickly and enjoy learning with them. I look forward to all my classes and get the most out of it. All of this is thankful to the wonderful tutors at ACE Academy. The progress I have made is phenomenal. For instance, before I started Economics with Ajarn Sabina, my knowledge was poor. Since I attended the classes, I feel more confident with the subject. Coming to ACE Academy has really positive impact on my studies and school work. I really appreciate coming to ACE Academy, with the stimulating learning environment that in unique. I would recommend any parents to send their children to this academy. Thank you so much for your help! "
"My English reading skills needed a boost, so this last summer vacation I studied at ACE’s summer course. Not only did my reading improve, but I’ve also increased my vocabulary with many new words that I can use in my speech and English writing. I had fun and enjoyed my lessons, and my mum’s happy too! Thank you ACE Academy."
N' Gao
"I wanted to get into Shrewsbury School badly, but I didn’t pass my first entrance examination. It was then I decided to take classes with ACE Academy. I studied English with Mr. David. He worked hard together on my grammar, speaking and writing skills. The classes were really fulfilling, it got me to see the mistakes I was making clearly. The good news is that I took the entrance exam again, and this time I passed with flying colors. I’m now a proud member of the student body at Shrewsbury International School. Thank you so much for helping me ACE Academy."
N' Java
"It has been almost 3 years since Ajarn Richie taught me. I now live in Germany, where education is entirely different than in Thailand. I have always have interests in science and it' many branches, which most of them were introduced by Mr. Richie. Technology, new inventions and new scientific discoveries fascinates me and Mr. Chawla has been supporting those interests with most creative and informative procedures during his classes. Mr. Chawla uses the most primitive, but effective, methods and examples in classes when teaching us. He has also taught the power of speech and performance by assigning us to present new scientific topics every week, which has been a great practice that I find very useful till this day. Mr. Richie is a very friendly and comfortable person to be around with. I have loved taking classes with Mr. Richie. I have never met a teacher who has put so much effort, so much of himself in teaching. What has Albert Einstein said? "If you can't explain it simply, then you don't understand it well enough." Well, for me, Mr. Chawla has done more than "simply explaining", he has let us students explain ourselves."
Paulina Spielvogen (Pauli)
"First of all, I would like to thank you Mr. Richie for his effort and patient. I remember the first time having a science class with him it was exciting and interesting from the beginning until the end. In my opinion Mr.Richie is a great teacher. In every of his class he uses different teaching materials which made my classmates and I feel so thrill instead of feeling bored. His great personality and kindness make it easier for a student like me to approach the teacher when I have questions about school and also about personal life. To me Mr. Richie is one of the best (Science) teachers I ever had. I really enjoyed his class and being his student."
Supanya Sawettamorn (N' Milk)
"Teacher Richie taught me for almost 4 years. The 4 years with him is so priceless. He not only taught the subjects steps to be successful in life. I am really honored to be taught by him. If you are looking for reliable teacher, who totally understand the students, then he is your man you are looking for."
Rujiphat Veskit (N'Phil)
"I'm studying English and Science at ACE Academy. I am grateful for my lessons and would like to use this opportunity to say thank you. I've never liked extra lessons outside school until now. In my lessons with Mr. David and Mr. Richie, other than learning about stuffs I didn't know, I am able to chat with them and talk about different topics. This makes our lessons interesting and helps me learn more. Thank you ACE Academy."
N' Win
"I am a Year 8 student at Shrewsbury International School. I have been studying at ACE Academy since September 2013 at least twice a week to improve my critical reading, critical writing and essay structuring.
During my time with ACE Academy, I enjoyed the professionalism one on one tutoring from my tutor who has brought me up to the point where I am confident to take my England (UK) entrance examinations. "
N' Boss
"Though it has only been a couple of months in which I've learnt with Ajarn Patrick at ACE Academy, I feel I have improved immensely in the area of English grammar. My initial aim, when coming to ACE Academy, was to revise critical reading and grammar in preparation for my common entrance exam. The lessons not only improved my knowledge in grammatical vocabulary and the function of many grammatical terms, but it also lead me to passing the exam for my boarding school. I have surpassed my goals , thanks to Ajarn Patrick and ACE Academy. He teaches very well and puts a lot of effort into assuring my success."
N' Millie